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The Hawthorn Community Fair 2016 offers a great platform for you to partner with us to promote your business and build your profile within the local area.

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We want to thank our generous sponsors for making this event possible and for showing their commitment to making our community.

The money we raise at the Fair is going towards major infrastructure within our school grounds so that the HWPS kids have a better environment in which to learn. By sponsoring our fair no matter how big or small, you are helping us to achieve this goal.

Like to help?

It’s not too late to help our fair by donating in cash or kind. Our fair offers businesses the opportunity to promote their business to the wider community, parents of Hawthorn West Primary School, as well as competitors and spectators of the esteemed “Head of the Yarra”,  Australia’s Rowing Classic event. Please contact Dee Johns on 0439 033 630 or for more information.

Why Be Involved?

As a sponsor you will have direct access to numerous visitors attending the fair and the opportunity to promote your business to this supportive audience consisting of families (past and present), friends and staff of the school, local business owners and their families and friends, residents in Hawthorn, Richmond, Kew and visitors from across our community.

In addition, we are partnering with the Head of the Yarra – Australia’s Rowing Classic event which boasts over 2,000 competitors and 3,000 spectators – who will be looking for something fun to do over the weekend – yet another great way to promote your business.  Both events will share online communications and advertising, allowing even more opportunities to promote your business. On the day competitors and spectators will move across both events to enjoy some of what the fair has to offer, including entertainment and refreshment while they wait for the rowing presentations at the end of the day.

The Hawthorn Community Fair 2016 offers a great platform for you to partner with us to promote your business and build your profile within the local area.

How does your sponsorship help?

Your sponsorship will assist us to create a fantastic fair day, which in turn will enable us to raise funds to make substantial improvements to our school facilities

Our Marketing Plans

Along with extensive communication with the school families, we will be marketing the fair via a dedicated website and facebook page, as well as printed marketing collateral and signage including billboards, program, posters and flyers to be distributed to households and local businesses. Check out our full range of promotional opportunities here.

Sponsorship opportunities that are available – but not limited to:

Platinum Sponsor Over $3,000 (cash or in-kind)
Gold Sponsor Over $1,000 (cash or in-kind)
Silver Sponsor Over $500 (cash or in-kind)
Ride, Activity or Stall Partner Sponsor a ride, food stall, market stall, activity or entertainment. Options available from $200-$1,000 (cash or in-kind)
Supporter Under $500 (cash or in Kind)

To proceed with sponsorship, or to discuss this opportunity, or receive an information pack,

please contact – Dee Johns on:


M: 0439 033 630

Fair website –

School website –

Facebook page –


Platinum Sponsors






Ride, Activity or Stall Partner

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Raffle Sponsor



Head of the Yarra Committee, Hawthorn West Parents, Friends & Staff,

Thank You to All Our Sponsors


A Special Thank You

Special Thanks to our nearest neighbour Christ Church for the generous use of their facilities for our fair.


Thank you to all our suppliers who help to make our events a success.

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In amongst all the craziness, you have a chance to slow down and really spend some time fun time with your kids and family…..

5 reasons why should get involved (and how to do it without getting overwhelmed).

“Volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t volunteer – doctors should recommend it.”

It takes a village: 

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and the same is true for creating and maintaining a positive and nurturing school environment for an entire student body. .. But planning events, organising fundraisers, donating time and energy to cleaning up and beautifying the campus, and using professional and personal connections to benefit the school takes some serious manpower. Your child’s school is the village and you, my friend, are a villager, so get to work. 

A little goes a long way:

Maybe you work full time. Maybe you run a Girl Scout troop. Maybe you haven’t had a decent shower since your firstborn arrived in 2004. I’m busy too, and odds are so are the other parents at your child’s school. The big mistake here is thinking volunteering has to be an “all or nothing,” thing. It doesn’t. When it comes to helping out, a little can really go a long way. 

Everyone has something to offer: 

I get it – you can’t bake your way out of a paper bag. Or maybe you have the social skills of an aardvark. Volunteer work at your child’s school can certainly seem daunting if you buy into the idea that you have to be Martha Stewart or have the personality of a politician to contribute anything of worth. Everyone is good at something which means everyone has something to offer.

Your child will benefit:

School is so much more than just drop-off and pick-up, yet a large percentage of mums and dads regard the place where their child spends the majority of their childhood as nothing more than an overcrowded babysitting agency. Helping to oversee some of these programs and projects will give your child a more meaningful school experience — and that should be motivation enough for anyone.

You’ll feel good: 

Not only will your volunteer efforts pay off by enhancing your child’s experience on campus, you’ll feel pretty good about yourself too. Doing for others feels right, and it’s contagious.

So do your child’s school – and yourself – a favor: become a volunteer in whatever capacity you are able to…

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Hawthorn West Primary School” loves our Volunteers! We coordinate our Good work with the help of — FREE and easy signups and scheduling save time and make it easy to organize all the people & things that help you make a difference in our communities, leagues and schools. Take a tour today at



I’m unable to help on the day  

but would like to contribute to assist with fair costs? Click here >